Creating change
with local partners.

In working with local partners we bring in a tried-and-tested solution to a grassroots organisation that knows, understands, and already interacts with the local population. They can therefore maintain the digital spaces with collaboration and support of ZOO Memorial Foundation.

Working with local partners that have a track record in their community leads to greater acceptance from the wider community. Our local partners share the same belief in digital access, for all.

Learn more about our selected partners and their founding stories.

@ Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre

Rebecca’s vision for Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre is to create a safe space for women. Her dream is to reach out to more women, girls and boys in her rural home and empower them with income-generating skills such as tailoring, digital and financial skills to help alleviate poverty.

Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre has trained over 800 girls on reproductive health, menstrual hygiene and sanitary distribution thus increasing the retention number of girls in schools and also improving their academic performance. 500 women have been trained on entrepreneurship and marketing skills such as peanut butter production, baking, basketry, mat-making and pottery.

Your support of a digital lab will help Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre to train more women and girls within the community, facilitate access to digital technology and digital services and create marketing opportunities for their products online.

@ The Border Hub

Marian & Deogratius envision The Border Hub as a regional hub that will breed the world’s greatest innovators who will solve community challenges.

Through Girls in Artificial Intelligence Hackathon, girls at The Border Hub who had never interacted with a computer developed an application called Ukulima Bora aimed at training farmers in sustainable farming, responsible disposal and connecting farmers to markets to sell their produce.

The Border Hub also hosted the first-ever sustainable social impact hackathon in Western Kenya. The hub activities include digital literacy programs for marginalized and rescued girls in the Kenya - Uganda border town of Busia, and grassroots fellowship programs for young entrepreneurs.

Your support of a digital lab will help The Border Hub and its founders to inspire hope in the lives of girls who want to pursue careers in STEM but lack platforms to find information that can ignite their potential.

Our approach

Select partners

Identify grassroots initiatives as collaborative local partners on the ground through a rigorous selection process.
Partners must be located in rural Kenya and been in operation for at least two years.

Create digital spaces

Provide digital technology equipment to local partners and create open access to learning, earning, improving self-confidence, and connecting with the digital world in the heart of their communities.

Promote advancement

Provide women in rural areas with technical knowledge, connect them to the world, to knowledge and opportunities, and to their own country with dignity and recognition to participate in this online world.

Ensure sustainability

These digital labs will be self-sustaining in the long-term, and continue to provide new generations of women with the same opportunities, whilst also creating sustainable jobs through local partnerships.

Our solution
is dedicated spaces.

We will build two digital labs at Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre and The Border Hub, to serve women and girls in Western Kenya. Our digital spaces will provide women and girls in rural areas with technical knowledge, connect them to the world, to knowledge, to opportunities, and to their own country. Women and girls in rural areas will have recognition, dignity and inclusion, to participate in this new online world.
Digital access increases literacy and economic well-being. Digital access changes lives.

Emma, 35, Fruit vendor & shopkeeper

"My life has changed a lot ever since I started learning computers and it's interesting. I was able to open a Facebook account which I use to market my fruits and fruit juices."

Esther, 14, Student

"I have had a great opportunity to learn computers at the centre. Being there made me identify my career path and that’s a great deal to me."

Girl with child on computer

Teenage mothersGirls in secondary schoolExploited girls

Vulnerable girls Survivors of human trafficking

Girls and women at the border of Kenya and Uganda

Change-makersGirls forced into early marriages

Young entrepreneursAt-risk girlsGirls and boys in rural schools

Women whose rights have been defiledGirls in primary school

Join us.
Be part of the solution.

You can help us reach underserved women and girls in rural Kenya.
Since 2008, we have established 10 digital labs in communities across Kenya
and served over 41,000 people including women, children and men.