Beyond Numbers.

Beyond Numbers
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By Piya Bhalla

Beyond Numbers.

ZOO Memorial Foundation’s mission started in 2008 with a vision to provide accessible digital technologies for all. When I first read about this, I questioned myself, “Are there parts of the world without access to technology?” I had a discussion with Nelly of ZOO Memorial Foundation and learned that yes, not all have access to technology. To address this critical need, the ZOO Memorial Foundation has built digital spaces to educate, connect, and transform communities.

It’s not just about the numbers, but what is behind those numbers.

Looking into the bigger picture and a decade long story, I can say that they have come far. And what I really like about this foundation is their thought process, they do not believe in just numbers but what is behind these numbers. Let us talk a bit about it and how they are transforming communities.

About the digital spaces

They have two dedicated digital labs for women: Golden Girls Foundation and Women in Sustainable Enterprises, Wise. COVID-19 tried to stop them from their path, but their dedication is firm. The Wise centre now has laptops, webcams and headsets for continuity and access to learning.

Additionally, they have two more digital labs in learning institutions: Dr Robert Ouko Primary School and Nyakoko Secondary School. The latter is the largest. Can you guess how many computers it has? 40 computers! Beat that! I am amazed! They have established 10 digital labs in total including a mobile one. Yes, education on the wheels. They also work in collaboration and you can find more details about that Here.

What exactly are they doing at the digital labs?

Wondering what they do at the digital labs? Here is the answer. From providing basic digital skills training to advanced training in computer programs, they also provide coding and web design for children and teens. They provide the foundation for “T” in STEM. Isn’t that great!

They provide the foundation for “T” in STEM.

Who benefits?

Well, so far, around 31,943 people have benefitted from this. Amongst these 76% were children and 70% of the adults were women. Don’t think it is only for women and girls, it’s for all. The number of boys they served increased to 52% in 2019.

They are growing and believe that together they can be stronger. They are doing their part for the society and want you to help to provide accessible technologies. Get involved. Join them. Partner, Sponsor or Volunteer.

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