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Beneficiaries of the new Masogo Digital Lab

In March 2023, Masogo Riverside Resource Centre opened a digital lab, in Miwani, Kisumu County, Kenya, to benefit the local community. The digital lab was equipped by ZOO Memorial Foundation, who understand the challenges faced by local communities in distant, rural locations. The Masogo Riverside Resource Centre was established in 2017 to empower young people and communities through digital literacy and skill development. This mission stems from the organization’s core values of respect, transparency, accountability, equality, and inclusion.

Opening Doors to Opportunity

Despite being in an extremely remote area, the Masogo Riverside Resource Centre possesses a well-equipped digital lab, a spacious meeting hall, and a welcoming compound. This haven offers a variety of programs such as the Capacity Building Development Program, that cater to the diverse needs of the community. The programs equip the youth with vital digital and work readiness skills by blending training with community service. This successful approach provides much-needed training and creates a sense of responsibility and giving back. Since its inception in April 2019, the program has empowered many young people, equipping them with ICT, entrepreneurship, agribusiness, and financial management skills.


Masogo Riverside Resource Centre Compound

Beyond Digital Literacy: Holistic Community Development

The Masogo Riverside community’s reach extends beyond the digital realm. Model farms serve as living classrooms, showcasing sustainable agricultural practices to improve local farming methods. This focus on agricultural development empowers its communities to achieve food security and generate income. Additionally, the centre’s water and sanitation program promotes hygiene and disease prevention, laying the foundation for a healthier future.

Financial Inclusion and Empowerment

Financial security is another cornerstone of the Masogo Riverside Resource Center’s mission. The centre offers community banking and entrepreneurship training programs, empowering, and educating community groups on financial literacy so they can access the financial services they need.

A Beacon of Hope

With over 300 members and counting, the Masogo Riverside Resource Center is rapidly transforming the lives of the individuals in the communities they serve. Through its dedication to digital inclusion, skill development, and holistic community empowerment, the Masogo Riverside Resource Center is creating a brighter future in rural Kenya. 

As ZOO Memorial Foundation continues to reach its goal of helping communities take charge of their development through open access to digital equipment and skills, the ripple effects of this remarkable initiative will undoubtedly continue to empower and grow.

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