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Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School, Koru, Kenya May, 2018

The Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School Information Communication Technology (ICT) Centre was established in May 2016. In 2018, we launched an eLearning platform at the school. Teachers at the school received training on the platform in addition to introductory computer skills training. The ZOO Memorial Foundation provides basic level computer training to its beneficiaries. We teach them how to hold a mouse, how to save documents and how to turn a computer on and off. This is often easier when the computers are applied to the learner’s interests. This time, the teachers got to experience what it feels like to be a student. As part of the training, the platform assessed them on their coursework. Like their students, some of our learners were not too happy with the results.

The eLearning platform is curriculum-based and can be used complementary to regular learning by students and teachers. Students have individualised login credentials and use the platform for personalised learning. We can identify each student’s weaknesses and track their progress intelligently.

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